Service Provider Capital

Who We Are

Service Provider Capital (SPC) is a venture fund whose LPs are the most knowledgeable, respected and best connected service providers in the industry.

These are people who work closely with startup companies on a day-to-day basis and include startup and patent lawyers, real estate brokers, venture bankers, accountants and CFOs, developers, employee benefits and HR consultants, and executive search specialists, among others. We also have LPs who are serial CFOs, CEOs and company founders.

The common thread among our LPs is deep experience growing startup companies and a total alignment behind the success of our portfolio companies.

Our Approach

  • We co-invest in Series A deals led by institutional venture funds
  • We make our participation in deals painless
  • We don’t negotiate terms
  • We don’t ask for board seats or other special rights
  • We cover our own legal fees
  • We are responsive and timely with our signature pages and wires

Value Add

What if you had the ability to leverage the connections and experience of the most knowledgeable, respected and best connected service providers in the industry, including the ones you haven’t actually engaged for services? This is what you get from our fund.

In addition to wiring money, we immediately increase your company’s reach with potential investors, customers and strategic partners through our LP network. If you want a warm introduction to a venture capital fund, a strategic partner, or a potential customer, our LP network can help make that happen. Our LP network also provides your company with access to relevant, deep expertise across numerous areas. If your company wants to reality check the terms on a proposed venture debt deal, our startup lawyer, venture lender and CFO LPs are ready to weigh in. Or if your company wants to reality check its customer acquisition strategy, one of our CEO LPs with relevant experience is ready to talk.

With no strings attached.

In short, at closing, our LP network aligns itself around the success of your company and becomes one of your most powerful resources.


Meet Our Team

Pat Cerone

Pat is the Director of Growth at CognosHR and an enthusiastic participant in Chicago’s tech and startup community. Over his career, Pat has served in a variety of marketing and sales roles at both startups and service providers.

Phil Gager

Phil has played an active role in the New England venture ecosystem since 2000, supporting both VCs and entrepreneurs. Phil has held originations and leadership roles at Capital Advisors Group, Square 1 Bank, and, currently, Stifel Bank. In addition to his day job as a venture banker Phil is an active angel investor and enjoys matching promising companies with smart money.

Ned Hill

Ned has over 25 years of experience with technology companies. He currently serves as Managing Director - Technology Banking for Signature Bank. He was previously a partner with early-stage VC firms Mercury Fund and Sternhill Partners, in operations management with BellSouth, a consultant with McKinsey & Co., and started his career at Broadband Technologies, a start-up that IPO’d in 1993.

Galen Mason

Galen is a partner at Michael Best, based in their Chicago office. He represents emerging companies, and private equity and venture capitalists involved in a broad range of industries. Galen co-founded Catapult Chicago, a leading Midwest co-working space.

Noah Pittard

Noah is a startup company and venture capital lawyer with Cooley LLP. Noah has a national legal practice, representing high profile startup companies and venture funds on both coasts as well as in the Boulder/Denver, CO and Austin, TX ecosystems. Since starting with Cooley in San Francisco in 2000, Noah has represented VCs and companies in hundreds of venture capital deals. Noah serves as a Special Advisor to the fund.

Mariel Rotbart

Mariel is currently a law student at CU Boulder, graduating in the Spring of 2021. She helps the team with all kinds of different tasks across the funds, from deal flow to the website and beyond. She joined SPC after taking Colorado Law’s Venture Capital course, and plans to stay active in the Denver-Boulder startup community after she graduates.

Jody Shepherd

Jody has been working involved in the Rocky Mountain venture community since 2004. He currently serves as Managing Director - Venture Banking for Signature Bank, co-chair of the Colorado Venture Summit, and is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Service Provider Capital.

Stefan Spazek

Stefan’s career in Boston spans more than 20 years in sales, marketing and finance roles. For the past 14 years he has been at Capital Advisors Group advising venture backed startups on their cash investment strategies and helping them source, negotiate and secure debt financing. He currently runs the firm’s U.S. debt advisory business and oversees business development in the New England market.

Doug Spear

Doug Spear leads the Emerging Growth and Venture Capital practice of Nelson Mullins, and has represented startups and venture funds throughout the Southeast for nearly 20 years. Doug is also an Adjunct Professor at Emory University School of Law, where he teaches the Venture Capital Law course.

Jack Vihstadt

Jack is active in the Denver and Boulder startup communities and makes sure all the little things get done across SPC's funds. He joined SPC after taking Colorado Law's Venture Capital course while a law student at CU Boulder.

From Our Portfolio

"Pat and Galen have been an extremely valuable resource as we've grown our company. Both their network and strategic insight have made a material difference in our journey. If you can get Service Provider Capital on your cap table - do it."

Rohan Gupta, CEO, QuillBot

"Service Provider Capital have been great partners as we have been building Bonsai Analytics both before and after closing. They were professional and turned around documents quickly before we closed, and being a part of the SPC network has afforded us unique access to people and companies that are outside of our traditional network."

Jack Vines, CEO, Bonsai Analytics

"SPC was incredibly easy to work with on the investment side, and has added tremendous value as a partner from introductions to potential customers and investors to connecting us with the best service providers to help us scale."

Stephen Goldberg, CEO, HarperDB

"Service Provider Capital has an amazing network of service provider LPs who are incredibly well positioned to help us sell our products and services to high growth startup companies. Inviting them into the deal was a no-brainer and we look forward to growing the relationship."

Henry Ward, Founder and CEO of Carta

"The guys at Service Provider Capital not only helped identify investors, they also introduced us to strategic relationships and an industry expert that has since joined our board. They are definitely value add investors."

Ken Davis, CEO of TaskEasy

"Jody and the team at SPC have been a game-changer investor. Along with their investment in our seed round, they have made incredible client and investor introductions along the way that have helped us accelerate our growth here at Backbone."

Matthew Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Backbone PLM, Inc

"I’ve worked with Noah for years now and he has been a huge asset for GoSpotCheck. Noah completely gets how to make a service relationship “strategic” and I’m sure that Service Provider Capital will be a huge value add to its portfolio companies."

Matt Talbot, Co-Founder and CEO of GoSpotCheck

"Thank you for the amazingly efficient process."

Luke Johnson, CEO, Neat Capital

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